The Rotater

The Rotater is the shoulder prehab, rehab and stretching tool designed to help YOU passively self-stretch internal & external shoulder rotation.

What does that mean? It means YOU can stretch your shoulder without help. It means YOU have total control of the stretch. It means YOU have instant feedback letting YOU know when ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It means YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

Why use the Rotater? Because the Rotater will improve your shoulder function, range of motion and performance! Safely and Effectively! PLUS – when combined with the STRONG ARM attachment, YOUR Rotater becomes a mobile rotator cuff strengthening machine as well. 

All three Rotaters, Orange, Pink and Green are identical except for colour and they all come with a Strong Arm Attachment FREE! That's a savings of $14.95.

Each Rotater comes with:

  • an adjustable wrist strap
  • Strong Arm Attachment
  • an instructional sheet
  • an instructional DVD

The Rotater $85.00 each